The bike trailer for everyday stages

Life as a family is a stage ride. From home to kindergarten. Kindergarten to work. And then the same round back, with a stop to buy milk and fresh bread on the way. The trick is to make time for a workout and a refreshing cup of coffee, without compromising on style and practicality.

It’s all about making the right choice.

The trailer you always need

When you buy the Kid Racer Twin, you get two trailers for the price of one. That is why we call it a multi trailer. Attach the handle and the practical front wheel, and you have a wonderful stroller for two children – or one with lots of space for one child, and room to spare for extra luggage.

Large utility – small otherwise

The idea of ​​making my own bike trailer came about when I discovered that other trailers were too wide to pass through a door. My little family lives in an apartment with limited space to store things. That is why I decided to make a bicycle trailer/stroller that folds sideways. The result is a piece of equipment that fits both the apartment and the car. Furthermore, it can always be moved on the wheels. With a bike and Kid Racer Twin, the family is ready for small and large trips.

The comfort master among bicycle trailers

Kid Racer Twin is designed without compromise on quality, safety and comfort. No other bike trailer is close to the advanced chassis, with independent shock absorption on both wheels, a record-long suspension movement and a swing arm optimised for harmonic movements. The trailer rolls easily on puncture-protected Schwalbe tires and double-walled rims. In addition, the hubs are specially designed so that effective disc brakes are combined with an easy-to-use quick coupler.

Practical – and elegant!

Uncompromising safety

Kid Racer Twin is built around a tough aluminium frame. Everything is well thought out and designed with the best protection in mind. That is why the kids sit nicely in padded seats and are secured with five-point seat belts from safety expert Holmberg. Just like in a car.

The children’s favorite place

The view should not be lacking even if the passengers are small. Kid Racer Twin is equipped with large side windows made of environmentally-friendly TPU plastic. Also note the seat belts. With a simple handle, you can adjust the height so that they fit perfectly. How small can the children be? When strolling, you can use it from when the children are able to sit without assistance. If the trailer is to hang behind the bike, you should make a judgement, carefully considering the physical maturity of the child, as well as where and how you plan to ride.

Packed with useful details

You will find many of the Kid Racer Twins benefits at the back:

  • A practical and comfortable handle for when you use it in stroller mode.
  • A parking brake that has a double function as a partial resistance in downhill slopes.
  • A large mesh area to ensure generous air flow.
  • A wide and deep storage pocket, with plenty of space for the stroller wheels, jackets, diapers etc.
  • Reflexes on all textile edges, in the logo, a separate reflective band and two fixed red reflectors.

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Kid Racer Twin

Another day. The kids are going to kindergarten. You have to go to work. The children are warm, dry, safe and comfortable. You do not have to worry about traffic jams, congested public traffic or delays. When you arrive, the Kid Racer Twin folds nicely for storage. Practical and elegant.

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The best tours

I have biked a lot, but the most fun trips are with the kids. Experiences like this is easily available for you too. Trips to the playground and to the sports field. Grab a bite at your neighbourhood restaurant and do by all means not forget a visit to the ice cream parlour. Maybe you live near the sea or an amusement park? Either way, there are plenty of adventures awaiting you and your kids. With Kid Racer Twin, you drive all the way and park for free.


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Here you can look at the different details of the trailer.

Urban life made better with a bicycle trailer!

Children's favorite bike trailer

The best time of day is left. Work is finished and you are picking up the kids at the kindergarten – or maybe it is a weekend excursion with the family. The fun and excitement commence as soon as the children get in the carriage. Perhaps they are stoked about something they found on an outing with the kindergarten, or maybe you all muse about something you see on the road. Anyway, it is always a success when you arrive at the children’s favorite playground.

Baby stroller and bike trailer for all seasons

The children should be seen when it is dark. That is why you will find reflexes all around the Kid Racer Twin. As we enter into the colder season, you can rest assured that they sit comfortable and warm in a trailer with double layer floor and well-padded seats. The sidewalls are rigid and shaped to provide better space than any other bicycle trailer. In addition, the windows are made out of environmentally friendly polyurethane. In winter, you will appreciate the low centre of gravity and the sturdy 20 inch wheels. You can either pull the Kid Racer Twin behind the bicycle or roll it as a stroller with the included front wheel. Regardless, you know that the Kid Racer Twin is designed for stability and accessibility over curbs and poorly paved sidewalks.

Eco-friendly lifestyle

There are many wonderful experiences on the way from one place to another. Five minutes to play, without having to find a parking space or wait for the next bus. The freedom to be spontaneous, the satisfaction of moving environmentally friendly while the children sit in a spacious trailer, safe and comfortable.

Security & comfort

  • Sturdy aluminium cage.
  • Car-type safety belts from Holmbergs.
  • Mechanically operated disc brakes as parking brake.
  • Approved reflectors front and rear.
  • Reflective material in large field at the back, as well as in edging and details.
  • Safety Flag.
  • Double bottom protects against rocks from below.
  • Insert and safety net of fiberglass in front.
  • Semi-rigid EVA foam carriage sides.
  • Self-locking construction, which always go to the safe position when under load – for example when the children are sitting in the carriage.
  • Quality windows in environmentally friendly polyurethane.
  • Low center of gravity.
  • Advanced suspension for improved stability and comfort.
  • Puncture-protected tires from Schwalbe.

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